There are no words for this…

17 02 2009

Muzzamil Hassan, the founder of a television station that sought to portray Muslims in a more positive way, has been charged with beheading his ex-wife, Aasiya Zubair Hassan. Last Thursday, February 12th, Hassan, 44, reported to the local police near Buffalo in Upstate New York that his Zubair Hassan, 37, was dead. Police found Zubair’s decapacitated body lying in the hallway of the Bridges TV station, where they both worked.

Zubair Hassan and Hassan had been married for eight years and have two children, aged 4 and 6. Zubair Hassan had recently filed for a divorce from Hassan, mentioning previous incidents of domestic violence. She had also previously filed an order of protection that was in effect as of February 6th to prevent Hassan from entering the family home.

On the surface, Hassan does not seem to be an abusive husband. He graduated magna cum laude with an MBA from the Simon School of Business at U. Rochester in 1996. He then established and become CEO the Bridges TV station in 2004 to counteract negative stereotypes and portrayals of Muslims in the media.

Hassan is now charged with second degree murder and is in the middle of family court hearings regarding child custody. He also has teenage children from a previous marriage, which makes you wonder how he treated his previous wife from that marriage.

This story shows us that there is no standard image or profile that all domestic abusers fit – just because they are well educated, wealthy CEO’s does not mean that they are not abusers. It also proves that enacting police orders and fleeing an abusive relationship does not guarantee that the abuse will stop. Battered women may even be in more danger after leaving an abusive relationship. Moreover, domestic violence is not just a women’s issue. It affects children, families and communities.



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17 02 2009

When you say “incapacitated” I think you mean “decapitated”. The word “incapacited” implies the woman would possibly have been able to get up or wake up with a little rest.

17 02 2009

Wow, I have no words for what has happened. I am furious and so sad at the same time. How many cases like these need to occur before the courts and SCHOOL (I’m looking you, Tufts) that domestic violence is not limited to the uneducated. Tufts people are just as capable of abuse and the administration needs to start acting this way instead of practicing victim-blaming and doubt.

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