Delta Tau Delta: “A Fraternity, Not a Frat”

20 02 2009

I’m sure you have all seen recruiters around for ΔΤΔ, a returning fraternity on campus.  The fraternity is returning to Tufts after being suspended in 2005 because a student stopped breathing after drinking during a pledging event.  But why would a feminist blogger write about a fraternity?  

Well, ΔΤΔ is hopefully not just any sketchy old frat.  The fraternity really seems to be trying to make a comeback.  The recruiting process is scheduled to end today, and DTD has already communicated with Tufts Feminist Alliance and others about making fraternities more respectful and safer for women.  ΔΤΔ’s recruitment process, for one thing, is unique.  In addition to recruitment applications, the fraternity uses a sorority referral process.  The sorority referral process asks women in sororities to nominate men for the fraternity.  Nick Aylward, Chapter Leadership Consultant from the fraternity, explained to me:

The sorority referral process is based on the idea that the women on campus tend to know the most upstanding men who are not yet a part of the Greek community. We ask that they refer men to us, and we offer donations to each of the philanthropy organizations that they support as our thanks.

Okay, well maybe it isn’t just the sorority girls who know great guys, but I think this really is a great idea.  The people who know best which men are respectful to women are the women themselves.

As Aylward explains, 

We are really looking for members who pride themselves on being gentlemen, and an organization that can be judged on its conduct, not on what other organizations its members are a part of, or what party they threw.

Another representative I spoke to in the campus center emphasized that the organization is striving to be “a fraternity, not a frat.”   Aylward and the men of ΔΤΔ “want the Tufts campus and community to know that [they] are looking to really raise the bar in terms of the standards that define what it means to be a man on Tufts campus.”

I want to personally thank Mr. Aylward and all the men of ΔΤΔ for their efforts in supporting women, feminism, and a high standard of conduct amongst Tufts men.  Of course we will have to wait and see what pans out with the fraternity, but I am pleased to hear of Delta Tau Delta’s efforts and excited to see what is to come with the organization.



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