Utah Lawmaker Says Gays Are “Greatest Threat To America”

20 02 2009

Utah State Senator Chris Buttars recently called the LGBT community “probably the greatest threat to America…I know of.”  He went on to say that “homosexuality will always be a sexual perversion,” and called lesbian and gay relationships “abominations.”  He asserted that LGBT people are moving America “toward a society that has no morals,” and that LGBT people will “destroy the foundation of American society.”

Homophobic, racist, and sexist discourse has no place among elected officials.  Comments such as Buttars’ add to an environment of ignorance, fear, and hate.  

Here are just a few of his comments to documentary producer, Reed Cowan.

Calling gay people “the meanest buggars I’ve ever seen” is both intolerable and of course completely untrue.  An elected official should set an example for Americans, and should have the responsibility to not spread lies and hate, despite his political views.  It is one thing for him to be anti-gay marriage, but Buttars should be held responsible for spreading anti-LGBT sentiments to the American public.

Buttars has had a history of homophobia and racism.  Last year, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) asked for Sen. Buttars resignation when he described a complex school-funding bill by stating, “This baby is black . . . It’s a dark, ugly thing.”

Buttars played a key role in defeating the Common Ground Initiative, a package of bills fighting for LGBT equality.  This Wednesday, the final bill in this initiative failed to move forward.  Buttars was quoted as saying “It lost 4-2, and I killed it.  I’ve killed every one they’ve brought for eight years.”

Utah State Senate President Michael G. Waddoups has officially defended Buttars, saying that they did not violate any Senate rules.  Human Rights Campaign urges you to write a letter to Sen. Waddoups, calling for him to condemn Buttars’ remarks officially and take punitive action against him.  Click this link to write a letter on behalf of Human Rights Campaign.



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22 02 2009

Gay people are pretty mean. Grrr. Arg.

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