When is rape funny? Never!

20 02 2009

From Principa Comica:


People seem to enjoy throwing the word rape around, therefore dismissing and trivializing it. Comparing rape to taking a test is not only irrelevant but also completely insensitive. Rape is a serious offense and a sad reality for many people, women especially.

Rape is such a triggering term and when people misuse it so often, it seems to show that they have little or no consideration for the many survivors of rape out there, people that they may even know and be friends with. Rape jokes or comments that trivialize rape are never funny and never acceptable so it’s disturbing to see comics like this.

The saddest part though is that people do say these sorts of comments. A while ago, Facebook had bumper stickers or some application that said “It’s not rape, it’s surprise sex” which is also offensive and inappropriate. Throwing the word “rape” around because it is a triggering word, because it will get a reaction from people (even if it’s not the reaction you’re looking for), detracts away from the seriousness of the crime and lends to a victim-blaming rape culture where rapists can get away scot-free because you know, rape isn’t that bad, it’s just like taking a really hard test..



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20 02 2009

I also hate the rape jokes I’ve been seeing on shows like Family Guy and American Dad. I know it’s satire and they make fun of everything but I really think their “jokes” do more bad than good. Why even go there?

20 02 2009

I agree, I watched one episode in particular of Family Guy where they used rape as a joke and it literally made me ill. I feel a bit silly discussing stewie and brian intellectually, but the show warrants it. quote: “…for three hours…And he just laid there and took it.” That is NOT funny, it’s desensitizing and mocks rape victims. Not only did they make fun of the act, but the trauma afterwards -“We don’t have to talk about it now. I don’t blame you…I don’t blame you.” (as the character, wide-eyed, rocks back and forth, obsessively scrubbing clean.) What is the purpose? To belittle the recuperation process? Were you too lazy to come up with some real humor today, family guy production? Disgusting and inexcusable. I love family guy, but this sickened me. Not only that, but media helps to create our norms, as we take in so much of it all the time we simply become accustomed to what we are presented with. So what kind of behavior is media like this going to help, support and make more accepted? The mockery of victims and those close to them who try to help? Gross.

23 02 2009

Excellent post and really well argued.
I completely agree and am glad to see someone writing about this.

19 04 2009

the way those shows work is by insulting everyone, at some point they will offend you, thats the price you have to pay to enjoy the rest of it.

21 04 2009

…I do feel the need to say I thought that strip at the top was more commenting on the fact that the word “rape” is considered okay to use out of context, even if it’s not. ‘Course, I don’t know that for sure. Just how it came across.

As for Family Guy, it’s low-brow corse (spelling-fail) humour that, frankly, I largely find pathetic and unhumourous. Okay, there’s offensive stuff such as de-humanising rape, but there’s also fart jokes, vomit jokes, drunken jokes, and a general “LOL BUTTS” feel to it that I think is far off humour.
It’s not all bad. Some of the satirical humour IS funny. I remember an episode that covered the Bachelorette programs in an amusing and satirical way- but even that had a drug-rape joke in there.

23 05 2009
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