NPSA offering gay rehab! Just what we all wanted

24 02 2009

The South African National Party’s former spokesperson, Juan Dval Uys, is said to have “agreed” to resign from the party in recent weeks; he has come out as a gay man in the past. Their affairs leader, Elize Sprague, insists that the change in the manifesto didn’t affect his recent departure…right.

The South African National Party recently released a revised election manifesto. The party now states that they will accept gay and lesbian members, but they will have to “rehabilitated.”

Sprague said, “The party is open to all. We don’t approve (of homosexuality), but there is nothing we can do about people’s lifestyle. We won’t exclude them, we will rather rehabilitate them. We regard them as South Africans and we will still serve them.”

This party has been seeking to abolish same sex marriage in the country, which has been legal since November 2006.

This party needs to acknowledge that homosexuality is NOT a disease to be “cured” and that these so-called reparative therapy programs do not work.

The policies of this party are a disgrace. You can email/write to this party and tell them that they should cease their efforts to change the constitution to outlaw gay marriage and that homosexuality is nothing that is needed to be “cured.”

Contact info
P.O. Box 1344, Sea Point 8060
Fax: (+27) 086 627 7405



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