The Wage Gap Still Exists

2 03 2009

The New York Times has a comprehensive graph that shows the wage gap between men and women.

It breaks wages down by profession so you can see how the earnings of men and women compare in various fields. You can scroll on each point in the graph to see the exact percentage of the wage gap.

Women make more than men in certain professions like as special education teachers where they make 3% more, or as postal service workers where they make 4% more, or as data entry keyers, where they make 1% more than men.

The only profession where men and women make equal amounts is as ticket agents and travel clerks.

It is interesting to note the professions where the wage gap is largest: as physicians and surgeons, women make 40% less than men. As financial managers, women make 37% less than men. As medical scientists, women make 35% less than men. In law, women make 22% less than men.



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2 03 2009

Did you see the article accompanying the graphic? It blamed the wage gap on women’s “personal choices,” to have raise kids and such, while ignoring factors like “socialization” and “discrimination.”

Jezebel has a good critique:

3 03 2009

Ha, yes, because when my employers decide my salary, they are basing it on my personal choices … I’d like to see the differences in wages between men with kids and men without kids. If there’s no difference, or if men with kids make more than men without, I’d like to know why the decision to have children should have a negative effect on women …

Man, I am SO looking forward to making less money than my male peers.

26 05 2009
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14 07 2009
Sadly unsurprisingly, but still upsetting « The Gender Blender Blog

[…] Unsurprisingly however, women working in the White House earn less than their male counterparts.  How much less?  $9,462 less.  While the average salary for male employees is $82.020, the average salary for female employees is only $72,558.  So in the White House, women are earning $.88 to the male dollar.  Nationally, women make $.77 to the male dollar (yes the wage gap still exists). […]

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