Those poor fabulous gay people

9 03 2009

I guess Logan Crane’s sex column in today’s Tufts Daily means well, but does she give tips that many gay people wouldn’t already know about? Her tone in this column implies that a gay person doesn’t even know how to use a computer, much less find sex tips on a queer blog. And sure, queer people at Tufts are a minority, but are they so marginalized that they can’t even find people to hook up with? Tufts is small, but I didn’t know that there was such a dearth of queer-friendly house parties here. Maybe she assumes that we all just party at frats. Or maybe the LGBT community does think that information about and options for hooking up are few and far between, but who knows, because she didn’t seem to ask any queer people what they thought.

I also love that in throwing a bone to gay people at Tufts, she felt the need to use phrases like “a fabulous queer friend” and “bring out your inner Sasha Fierce.”



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10 03 2009

I understand where you’re coming from, but give her a break. She is an ally and many of us in the queer community (yes – those of us who are actively and militantly queer) love her.

Sometimes allies don’t understand the full picture. But we have to throw THEM a bone every now and then. People like Logan are doing everything they can to accept us. If we keep them too scared to say anything, in support of us or not, then we’re not going to get anywhere.

Keep up with the blogging. The Women’s Center is totally dominating right now. I’m jealous.

10 03 2009
Gerry Callahan
10 03 2009

When I first heard of what Logan had written, it sounded like she was putting gay people in a zoo exhibit or something, but when I actually read the article, it was kind of hard to critique strongly. I mean, I have problems with it, but yes, I was inclined to give her a break, and I will.

So Logan, if you read this, take my entry as constructive criticism.

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