Saturday Stupidity

14 03 2009

Sometimes when you hang around many progressive and like-minded people on a really liberal campus, you forget that there are still many ignorant people who make very ignorant comments that shock you and make you wonder: 1. Wow! Am I really hearing this, here at Tufts? and 2. How the heck did you get into Tufts spewing this kind of nonsense? Instead of just texting or emailing each other what idiotic things we’ve heard, we decided to share it with the larger community and blog about them. Brace yourself for our first post of Saturday Stupidity.

– During lunch at the dining hall one day, one male was talking about slavery and asked, “How dumb must black people have been back then to just let white people buy them and bring them to America as slaves? Like, why would you let yourself be bought, leave your home country and just hop on a ship and go to America to be a slave? They should’ve fought back or done something.”

Um, the definition of a slave is one who is bound in servitude as the property of a person or a household, one who is completely subservient to a dominating influence. No one voluntarily decides to let themselves be bought, leave their home countries, just hop on a ship and go to America be a slave.

-“I wish I were a lesbian. I hate guys.” Or “I wish I were a gay man”

I have heard this a lot, and it really bothers me because this statement completely ignores that LGBT people are discriminated against, stigmatized, and stereotyped constantly in our culture. People who say this usually think of the highly aestheticized aspects of gay and lesbian life that you see on television – the beautiful lesbians in The L Word, the highly commercial, consumer lifestyles of Stanford on Sex and the City, etc. Needless to say these are not accurate representations of the diversity in the LGBT community and is not representative of all LGBT lifestyles.

– I was told (by a male) that date rape or acquaintance rape in Africa does not happen that frequently because in Africa there are no clubs where women can go out, wear miniskirts and low cut tops, get drunk and potentially get sexually assaulted or raped later on by someone she meets at the club or friends she goes to the club with.

Right, because in Africa there are no clubs. Just deserts, huts and giraffes. Oh and Africa is exempt from the fact that most sexual assault/rape survivors are assaulted by people they know because you know, it’s Africa.

And here is the number one stupid pick-up line that I get when I say that I am a Women’s Studies major.

– “I study women too…In my spare time.”

So, just so you know, I’ve heard it like 15 gazillion times and it really isn’t funny or clever anymore.

– “You just haven’t found the right man yet” or “We need to find you a man.”

Not only are these statements completely insulting and ignorant but they are also incredibly heteronormative. They also imply that there is something wrong with you if you are a single woman. Or once you find Mr. Right all of your problems will be solved and you will have nothing left to be upset or angry about. So not the answer I’m looking for.



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