The Real Revolution IS to Love Myself

15 03 2009

The Women’s Center has a list of events that are taking place at the Center or are co-sponsored by the Center for the remainder of the semester and preceding the list is “The Real Revolution is to Love Yourself.” Self-love is truly a radical form of activism. We live in a society that socializes us to dislike ourselves and tells us to buy unnecessary things, starve ourselves, exercise like a maniac, etc. to make ourselves better people.

Think about it. It seems that on every magazine cover and all over television and the movies, women are told that they are too fat, that they eat too much, that they have too many wrinkles, that they aren’t good enough in bed, that they aren’t sexy enough, that they’re too slutty, etc. Meanwhile, men are told that they’re not “manly” enough if they’re not super built and muscular, if they’re not aggressive enough, if they don’t pick up enough women are bars or clubs, if they aren’t into cars and violent action movies, etc. People are always putting themselves down, thinking they’re not ______ enough and if only they just got ______ or did ______ then they’d automatically be a better person.

Mainstream society works hard to keep making us think that there’s constantly something wrong with us, that there’s always an imperfection that we need to fix in order to be sexier, more attractive, more desirable. It’s not in society’s interests to have confident, empowered people who love themselves. Self-love thus becomes a statement against consumerist, capitalist mainstream society and is a way to truly give yourself the respect and honor you deserve.

It also sets a positive example for others to follow. Just as one lit candle can light up all the ones around it, one self-loving person can inspire others to journey into self-love as well. Moreover, in order to meaningfully contribute to society and try to make change, you need to love yourself. Otherwise you may get discouraged and burn out. You can’t take care of others unless you take care of yourself.

Self-love is not an easy or quick process. It is a journey of learning, struggle, frustration, growth and healing. You can’t just completely erase and get over the pain, suffering and oppression you’ve experienced over the years. But just setting the intention to start to love yourself will plant the seed and cultivate the ground that enables self-love to blossom. Make it an offering to yourself.



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26 05 2009
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