Women: Know Your Limits!

15 03 2009

Maybe you’ve seen this before…

A lot of people on YouTube have been giving this thumbs down because they view the video as sexist, but I think it’s really funny.  The  video is a satirical take on past (and present?) misogyny.  The video emphasizes the absurdity of gender stereotypes.

But it is really strange how the comments on YouTube have become a brawl between feminists, misogynists, and those who miss the irony of the video or simply view the humor as counterproductive.  And even though I appreciate the video for its irony, some commenters are using its message to back up sexist prejudices.

So what do you think?  Can making fun of sexism be sexist?  Is the video hilarious satire or more misogyny disguised as humor?



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17 03 2009

I’ve seen this; it’s hilarious!

I think that this video is inherently feminist by revealing, though satire, how absurd some forms of sexism are (in this case, the idea that an educated woman is somehow a terrible thing). I think that some people who might find this video offensive or otherwise bad might not be aware that many of the messages lampooned are ones that have existed for years. In the US, there has existed the idea that women who are educated lose reproductive abilities (since educated women marry later and have children less often!).

Even today, I’ve been reading up on various arguments to explain cognitive differences between men and women. This is pretty relevant stuff.

19 04 2009

…Hilarious, hilarious, make-me-double-over-unable-to-breathe (and get wierd looks from my partner) brilliant satire.

I mean- seriously, how can anyone ACTUALLY think this is serious? xD It’s just a huge dig at the absurdities of mysogyny.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to show this to my partner and laugh. Again.

19 04 2009

Oh, and by the way, it’s a sketch from Harry Enfield’s work, who’s a British comedian, who focuses on observational humour, political satire, breaking social taboos and intellectual humour.

So yes, it’s entirely, 100% intended as satire. And breaking social taboos by turning such a thing (that is, something that may be seen as mysogyny) into satirical humour.

Apologies for the double post.

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