Here she is! The new Dora!

18 03 2009

Dora The Explorer’s new look has been released!  As feminist2 said in a previous post, “Her sexier silhouette reflects a lot of ideals of femininity: long hair, extreme thinness, and wearing miniskirts to show off more leg. Dora is also supposed to be Latina but sexed up Dora embodies a very western, white standard of beauty.”

Well, the image is finally out, so decide for yourselves.

old doranew dora

Besides the fact that they have the same color scheme in their clothing, it is difficult to tell that this is the same loveable curious character that we once knew.  Nickelodeon and Mattel are attempting to assure parents that Dora still possesses the same sense of wonder, curiosity, and adventure as before.  They say that she “will expand into the world of solving mysteries that have overt and relatable pro-social themes — like volunteerism, water conservation, or planting trees to help the environment.”

I must admit that the new Dora isn’t as bad as I was expecting.  But why on earth does the new Dora have to be dripping in pink and purple and hyper-feminine accessories?  We liked her the way she was!

Also, the new Dora will be computerized, and one of the options will be to change her eye color.  As Veronica at Viva La Feminista writes:

As the #1 Latina role model for girls, I think that it’s inappropriate for the doll to be able to change its eye color.  The dominant standard for beauty is still blond with blue eyes.

What’s more, as Veronica points out, Dora’s old friends have been swapped for a crew of girls.  And Dora’s shoes?  Just not practical for going on adventures!

I liked Dora in her backpack and shorts.  Tween-izing Dora is just unnecessary.  I doubt that it will increase her appeal to children, so what exactly is the makeover getting at?  In my opinion, the switch just reinforces ideals of feminine beauty on young girls.

What are your opinions on the new Dora?



One response

18 03 2009

I am not sure that I like the changes with Dora either. Why does age necessarily mean that she has to fem it up. Not all girls evolve that way, especially when they had a “tom boy” appearance and interests to begin with.

I agree the ability to change her eye color is a problem. Dora is a latina girl with brown eyes. This is the norm and it should be embraced as beautiful.

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