“How not to fall victim to the populist horde calling for their heads”

20 03 2009

A friend of mine drew my attention to an AIG corporate security memo leaked to Gawker that lists tips for employees on “how not to fall victim to the populist horde calling for their heads.”

Some of the things they suggest sound much like victim-blaming sexist “advice” that women are told to follow in order to prevent themselves from being raped:

– “Be aware of individuals who appear out of place or spending an inordinate amount of time near an AIG facility and report these sightings immediately to building security.” (Sounds akin to: women, beware of men who seem sketchy and are just loitering on corners or on the street because they may be rapists.)

– “At night,when possible, travel in pairs and always park in well lit areas.” (Women, don’t walk alone otherwise you may get raped. And don’t walk in dark alleyways, you may get raped there too.)

– “Question individuals that you do not recognize and appear to be out of place; if you do not feel comfortable doing so, notify building security or your local authorities in order to do so.” (Women, again, beware of sketchy men.)

– “Avoid propping doors and be aware of those attempting to ‘Piggy Back’ into AIG workspace.” (Women, always remain on constant alert and make sure you don’t accidentally let in a rapist.)

Imagine the fear that AIG employees must’ve felt when they received this memo. Constant vigilance.



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