“Men are the New Women”?!! Huh?!!

20 03 2009

Via Sociological Images:


This is apparently the slogan for a hipster clothing store in Austin, Texas.

My initial reaction upon seeing this: What?!!! I don’t get it!!!!

How are men the new women? Is this supposed to allude to how men can be into fashion and shopping without being gay or being super feminine for doing so? If so, it is a very metronormative and bourgeoisie claim that just reinforces consumerism in spite of economic crisis. Kind of like how post-September 11th Bush told Americans to go shopping because you know, that will help us in the “war against terrorism.”

Also, saying that men are the new women would mean that men have replaced women as an oppressed and marginalized group. Patriarchy oppresses men too, not just women, but it is not historically or presently accurate to say that men are now the primary oppressed and marginalized group. Surprise, we still live in a patriarchal society where white, heterosexual, upper-middle and upper class men are the most privileged, so no, men can not possibly the new women.



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