Michelle Obama, Oh How I Love Thee

20 03 2009

Yesterday morning, in honor of Women’s History Month, Michelle Obama and 21 other inspirational women visited one of the poorest neighborhoods in DC to talk to high school students.  Mrs. Obama gathered these 21 women, including: singers Sheryl Crow and Alicia Keys, former astronaut Mae C. Jemison, General Ann E. Dunwoody of the Army (the first female four-star general), the actor Alfre Woodard, WNBA star Lisa Leslie, Olympic medalist Dominique Dawes, and Bobbi Brown (creator of the Bobbi Brown makeup line).  These women visited public and private schools across the region on Thursday, hoping to inspire students.

Michelle Obama talks to a small group of students at Anacostia High School in Washington

Michelle Obama talks to a small group of students at Anacostia High School in Washington

Mrs. Obama shared her story of struggle and success, growing up on the South Side of Chicago.  Obama simply told the 21 women that their task in visiting the schools was to share their real-life stories and “make the kids understand where we stand is not an impossibility.”  As Michelle Obama told the 21 selected women:

This was one of my dreams. . . I couldn’t have imagined this a year ago, but as we started moving towards this trajectory, that it became increasingly clear that Barack Obama might be the next president of the United States, and as I started thinking about the . . . kinds of things that I wanted to see happen, this day was one of those things — gathering an amazing group of women together, and going out, and talking to young girls around this country.

Later in the evening, Mrs. Obama hosted a dinner for 110 girls from nearby schools as well as the 21 inspirational women.  At the dinner, she said:

The first African American woman to be the ambassador to the United Nations. And then there’s me, the first lady.  As I look around the room into the faces of the young women who joined us today, I can’t help but wonder who among us will be the next first.



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31 03 2009

Michelle Obama is so amazing. She is going to do so much for our country as first lady. I am so glad young women have such a strong, intelligent role model to look up to.

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