Amazon, stop selling shit like this!

25 03 2009

If you’re looking for a travel guide, here’s which guide to NOT get: The World Sex Travel Guide: The Adventurous Man’s Guide to Sex Tourism by someone who goes by Naes Draw (aka a sick and twisted person).  A more accurate name for the book would be The Guide to Finding Sex Slaves, The Guide to Getting the Most out of Human Trafficking, or The Guide to Being an Inhumane and Misogynist Pig in a Foreign Country.

The description of the book says (Bold emphasis mine):

Travel as a sex tourist to 13 exotic yet very inexpensive countries to meet the most incredible women. This guide – updated monthly – covers Thailand, the Philippines, Bali and Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Aruba, Cuba, Curacao, Saint Martin, and the Dominican Republic.

Learn where to meet the hottest women and how inexpensive it is to live out your sexual fantasies. The guide also covers travel information on visas, taxis, exchange rates and hotels. It teaches you what to pay and how to stay safe. Saves you time, money and trouble.

Read: for only $9.99 get the scoop on traveling to foreign countries where you’ll find sexy, exotic women (or prostitutes who were coerced into sexual slavery) and engage in illicit sexual activities.  I really don’t get why Amazon sells this kind of crap!!  It’s also listed as the 15th most popular travel book about Bali.  Why people?!! WHY?!!!!   THERE ARE BETTER TRAVEL BOOKS OUT THERE THAT ARE LEGIT TRAVEL GUIDES, NOT BULLSHIT TRASH ABOUT HOW TO FIND A(N UNDERAGE) SEX SLAVE!!

Sexual slavery is a real and growing problem throughout the world.  Young children, both boys and girls, get kidnapped, sold, or coerced into sexual slavery where they work in brothels.  As prostitutes, they are often physically and verbally abused, starved, raped, and god-knows-what-else.  Many customers who buy them to play out their sexual fantasies tend to be wealthier western men.  As far as I (and most educated and humane people) am concerned, this is NOT okay.  It’s wrong to support the (may I add, illicit) sex industry.

The 13 “exotic” countries are “third world” countries where non-white women there are exoticized and otherized.   What makes these women the most incredible and the hottest women you’ll get to live out your sexual fantasies with is the fact that because they are non-western women, they are fetishized as an exotic other.  It is racist and therefore problematic to otherize an entire ethnic group based on racial/ethnic stereotypes about that group.

Moreover, the constant emphasis on how inexpensive it is – “13 exotic yet very inexpensive countries”, “how inexpensive it is to live out your sexual fantasies” and how inexpensive the book is (only $9.99! And it’s updated monthly too! What a bargain!) –  simply reinforces sexist and misogynist objectification of women.  Having sex with these women is just a transaction, an inexpensive transaction too!



One response

31 03 2009

This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard of. I can’t believe that a popular site like Amazon is distributing a book the promotes something as cruel, unjust, and downright wrong as taking advantage of impoverished women as sex slaves. No person should be treated as a sex object, and that kind of behavior and attitude toward women should not be tolerated by companies like Amazon and publishing houses like the one that published this book, let alone encouraged. This makes me so angry.

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