Kim Kardashian’s photo “error” “fixed”

25 03 2009

I know I should be used to this by now, but I’m not. It fucking pisses me off. We *all* know that magazine photos get the shit airbrushed out of them. We hear incessant talks about how bad this is and how it is unrealistic and is negative for the self-esteem for women. SO WHY IS NO ONE DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS? It’s all talk talk talk talk, but there is nothing being DONE.

Kim Kardashian is going to be the cover girl for the April/May issue of Complex Magazine. Kim is known as a beautiful woman who has been appreciated for her fuller figure. It’s great to see someone with a more realistic size be embraced by the media, but of course we can’t have someone too voluptuous appear in a magazine! That’d be just bad. To supplement the cover that Kim has done, Complex offered an “exclusive online gallery” of more pictures of her. Okay, cool. I mean, it’s annoying enough that all the photos I’ve seen are so unnecessarily sexualized, but the PHOTOSHOPPING they’ve done! UGH.

This morning someone made a “mistake” and posted up an unairbrushed photo of Kim. For fear of disgusting the masses, the “proper” and “better” photo replaced it. Let’s look at the comparison, shall we?

UM, EXCUSE ME. The FIRST thing I notice is that THEY MADE HER LIGHTER! WTF? THAT SHIT IS UNNECESSARY. Why does she have to lighter? How is that more attractive? Is this ANOTHER subliminal message that I have to endure that is ONCE AGAIN telling me that my darker skin is not attractive? Do I have to go buy some skin bleaching cream so society will accept me? It’s really annoying. Take a picture of a celebrity in a mainstream magazine and then find another photo of them in a black magazine. You’ll notice that in the black magazine they’re darker–closer to their ACTUAL skin colour. I thought we were past this. Honestly… making someone so much lighter is just offensive. There was no necessity.

Then they made her boobs and body smaller. See, I hate all this “big breast” hypocrisy. There’s this rumour out there that society is telling you to have HUGE BREASTS! There are many more subtle messages that are saying smaller is better. Her thighs were evened out into a paler tone. They also made them smaller. Honestly, the first picture isnt bad at all! She’s gorgeous and her thighs look REAL. Very few women (especially at her age of 28) have smooth, perfectly even thighs.

It honestly would be so encouraging and empowering to see women in their natural form. Perhaps if more people are able to see unphotoshopped pictures they can slowly begin to shed their unrealistic standards of beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…it comes in all colours, shapes, and sizes. Someone needs to break the mold and just stop perpetuating these unrealistic and racist standards of beauty.



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