Tips For Snagging a Man

26 03 2009

Summary of the video’s main points:

Men like:  shiny things, five sentence emails, accessories (but only one per plane), toenails and fingernails (but only painted in neutral shades), lacy bra straps, the scent of baked goods, and carrying women’s handbags for them

Men dislike:  jingling noises, emotions, abbrevs in txt msgs, multitasking (it’s much too difficult), flat shoes, large handbags (easily mistaken by men for luggage)

Women like:  changing their appearance to try to impress men and actually wasting money on a lousy book on the topic

Women dislike:  being single, decent television programming


I don’t even have the energy to analyze how ridiculous this video is.  Not only does it make men seem stupid, shallow, and rather animalistic (claiming men are attracted to shiny things and love the scent of baked goods), but it also encourages women to attract a man by changing her appearance.  Puhlease.  I can’t believe Tyra actually did a show on this.  Well…maybe I can…




3 responses

27 03 2009

They are very brave, you know. They might sound silly, thoough.

12 04 2009
Lorraine E.

Feminist issues aside:

That is some of the worst advice I’ve ever heard. Men like shiny things, proper accessorizing, the smell of food, and nude-colored nails? I really hope no one actually believes the key to finding a romantic partner is “accessorizing”.

29 04 2009

Men are attracted to shiny things?
And hate all women not wearing high heels?

Although, you know, I do hate abbreviations in text messages. But that’s just grammar. I like good grammar, and it doesn’t exactly take a lot of effort to do!

But yeah. Shiny things don’t really make me go wild with desire; and personally, I’d like a woman to wear shoes she’s comfortable in. I like walking. I’d invite her along. And I’d want her in something comfortable.
The most attractive woman I ever dated never did her nails, lived in Converse shoes (literally, I think), didn’t worry about baring her- you know, that upper chest area, and never worried about what accesories she was wearing (and often didn’t wear any at all). She was healthy, and lively, and she smiled a lot. Those three together are far more attractive to most men than, you know- accessories, high heels, and nude-coloured nails.

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