Why feminism matters

26 03 2009

If you’ve ever wondered how to explain clearly and concisely why feminism is important and relevant, then do I have a resource for you! I discovered a speech given by Dr. Sylvia Tamale for The Refugee Law Project at Uganda’s Makerere University. The speech is titled “Gender and Forced Migration,” but it also addresses, in general, the difference between roles and traits that are gender-determined, rather than sex-determined, the different values applied to men’s roles and women’s roles, and how that affects men and women’s positions in society, and leads to marginalization of and violence against women.

Dr. Tamale talks specifically about Ugandan refugee and IDP camps, but I think what she says applies to the United States, and every other country on Earth. A quick, stimulating, and clarifying read, so find the the speech on the link I gave you, and take a few minutes to check it out!



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