Why are we so obsessed with virginity?

27 03 2009

Why is this relevant?


I don’t understand why this matters.  Why do people care about how many students at Wellesley College are virgins?  And why is it necessary to break it down by major?  This just goes to show how America is so obsessed with virginity, that we need to know EXACTLY how many women are virgins and the percentage of women per major that are virgins.

Furthermore, virginity is nothing more than a social construct.  How did the people who conducted this survey define virginity?  As heterosexual penis-in-vagina intercourse?  Virginity can mean a lot of different things for different people – some women consider themselves virgins even after they’ve had intercourse, and their “first time” may be the first time they orgasm while having intercourse with a partner.  Meanwhile, others may believe that after having oral sex one is no longer a virgin.

But still, my question remains, what is the point of this study/graph?  What is it supposed to show or prove?



2 responses

31 03 2009

Out of curiosity, what was this graph published in/what was the context?

31 03 2009

The graph was published in Counterpoint magazine at Wellesley College. I am not quite sure what the context was, but here is more information about the study:


Hope it’s helpful…

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