You forgot about masturbation, Logan

30 03 2009

In Logan Crane’s column in the Daily today, “The art of O”, she writes about how few women achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse and then proceeds to give advice on how women can achieve orgasm when having sex with men.  Like many of her other articles, this one is also very heteronormative.

She writes:

Women know all too well that we can easily lose motivation to have sex. One thing comes up, and we are suddenly fixated on the issue at hand. A woman will never be able to come if she isn’t in the mood.

It is unfair to generalize that women easily lose motivation to have sex.  This rests on the assumption that women are not very sexual beings and do not feel sexual desire as much as men do.  Moreover, “one thing comes up, and we are suddenly fixated on the issue at hand”?  Is this to suggest that women (and women only?) have such short attention spans and can’t fully concentrate on anything?  It is difficult for both women and men to come if they aren’t in the mood.

And one oversight in her list of ways for women to orgasm during sex: what about masturbation?! Women can achieve orgasm while they are masturbating more easily than when they have intercourse.  Furthermore, masturbation is something every woman can do, not just heterosexual women who are sexually active.  Orgasm through masturbation is something we can all do ourselves so we don’t have to rely on a partner to get it right for us.



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30 03 2009

Ugh, if that were the only issue with this column. Logan also generalizes up the wazoo about men and women, using heteronormative language. She tries to use the inclusive term “partner,” but it’s very clear from the rest of her language that she’s referring to a male partner.

She also misuses statistics. For example, it’s not that 70-80% of women don’t orgasm during sexual intercourse. It’s that 70% of women do not achieve sufficient stimulation from penis-vagina intercourse alone in order to orgasm. Major difference.

Other issues? There are plenty of women who don’t orgasm with a partner and DON’T fake it. There are plenty of women who don’t orgasm with a partner because of the partner’s issues. There are plenty of women who don’t orgasm because of insecurity (which in turn usually arises from living in a sexist society where women are denied desire). There are women who don’t LIKE to use toys, or for whom toys don’t actually help.

And finally, while I (and I’m sure many others) enjoy orgasms, orgasm-centered sex is a very patriarchal ideal, whereas other sexual attitudes from different cultures decrease the important of orgasm and increase the importance of pleasure in general.

I hope that Tufts one day has a sex columnist who doesn’t adhere to heteronormative and sexist ideas while “advising” the rest of campus.

17 04 2009

…Just a point on the lack of masturbation.
Uh. As far as I’m aware, most women can figure out for themselves what works when they’re in control, and from my (confessedly limited) experience, they do. Whereas, a woman having sex doesn’t have control over her partner’s actions.

Just a thought.

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