Stop saying “retarded” !

31 03 2009

As I was browsing through our Twitter contacts, (follow us @TUgenderblender) I noticed a post by Feministe. I think this is a cause that really needs to be brought to light. The Special Olympics started a campaign called “Spread the word to end the word” to get people to think about their word choices and how it may affect others.

Honestly, I’ve personally never got into the habit of saying “that’s retarded” and I’m glad. It’s something that always made me cringe. It’s right up there with saying “that’s gay.”

So what can you do?

Make a pledge on

Tweet about it: “I pledged to end the use of the r-word today – can you? #rword.”

Donate your Facebook Status: “I pledge and support the elimination of the derogatory use of the r-word from everyday speech and promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. #rword”

Do your part. What you say DOES make a difference! People of all abilities should be treated fairly.



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1 04 2009
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1 04 2009

I agree that these words are offensive, and while I make an effort (albeit an imperfect one) not to say “retarded,” I’m not interested in policing other people’s use of it (not saying that you are). As a feminist, I think there are more important issues to work on, and I have this dream that as attitudes and action towards rape, domestic violence, sexual orientation, female sexuality etc. change, then people will stop using those words.

1 04 2009

I think many activists get caught in the issue of saying there are “more important” things that need to be done. It is a purely subjective thing and I don’t think we should ignore some topics because there are other serious issues out there as well. I think every aspect should be addressed and part of being a feminist is seeking equality for all people, whichever marginalized group they may be a part of. I think people should think about how their word choice affects others; it doesn’t just have to be able differently-abled people. I think it can stretch to a lot of other regions involving sex, gender, race, class, etc.

1 04 2009

angryblkfeminist, I completely agree! This is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. “Retarded” is an offensive word that we need to stop using. Nobody is advocating “policing” anyone’s use of the word. Everyone is free to say whatever they want, but should also realize that their words are harmful and that people WILL be offended and hurt by them. Saying that one issue is “more important” than another is problematic. Every issue of oppression and insensitivity is important and all need to be addressed.

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