Girls just sit back and let boys do the building, the inventing, the fixing, etc.

2 04 2009

Via Sociological Images:


This is total bullshit!

It reinforces traditional gender roles and norms – of course boys are the doers: they are presidents, doctors, policemen; and they build houses, invent things and fix things.  Meanwhile, girls are passive and subordinate ones: they keep houses, use what boys invent, need things fixed, etc.

Notice how the girls are pretty much always wearing dresses.  And in the “Girls are stewardesses” box, look at how short her dress is!

Also, “boys can eat” and “girls can cook”?!!!  Girls can’t eat?!  We’re only supposed to cook for their husbands and their families?!

Fuck you sexism!



2 responses

4 04 2009

I am a woman in my fourth year at Scripps College, a women’s liberal arts college located in southern California. I am a feminist. After reading this post, I feel that a detailed critique is in order.

While I agree that this comic is sexist, that the US has sexism in its history is nothing new. As is, this blog post frustrates me — it’s embodies negative stereotypes of feminism, shrill shrieking about past injustices without connection to the modern.

I’d be ashamed to have anyone thing that this blog post is representative of modern feminism. It’s a nauseating blend of platitudes (“reinforces traditional gender roles and norms”), juvenile grammar (please, leave the multiple exclamation marks in the AIM box), unnecessary repetition from the primary source without original synthesis, and banal outrage.

Two further comments, which are regarding concerns more weighty than the writing style of the original post. The first is that the post is terribly judgmental in itself. It places negative value on all the positions that the image ascribes to women, denigrating nurses, stewardesses, chefs, homemakers, meter maids, as well as the others. By placing these stereotypically feminine roles as inferior to their more stereotypically-male counterparts, the post is sexist in itself. Who says that cooking is less noble than eating? This post insults women who do choose to perform stereotypically feminine roles rather than allowing them the freedom to make their own lives.

Second, the source of the image is inadequately cited. Citing one’s sources cannot be left behind after one’s first-year writing class. “From 1970s children’s book” is not a sufficient citation. Given the lack of proper citation, it is impossible to distinguish a real relic of open sexism from a PhotoShopped or home-drawn bit of Feminazi bait.

If you wish to correspond with me about my comment or about the original post, my email address is

8 04 2009

Yeah I agree. It’s ridiculously sexist to place the expectation on the boys to do all the difficult and responsible jobs when the women get to do the easy jobs and relax whilst the boys work.

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