“Cut Back: Facing Ageism”

4 04 2009

Just a few minutes ago, I was lucky enough to click on the link from a commenter on this blog.  The commenter is Patricia Sahertian, and she provided a link with her comment on a recent post.  Since I’m a bit nosy, I always click these links, but they usually turn out to be useless advertisements.

However, this link really caught my attention.  Ms. Sahertian is the creative director of a documentary called “Cut Back:  Facing Ageism.”  She is an artist, and her work has appeared in Fine Art Magazine and home decor journals.  Although this is her first documentary, Sahertian’s extremely diverse accomplishments include work as a sculptor, painter, graphic designer, musical director, writer, and creator of book designs.  For a full list of her accomplishments and to view more info about Fight Ageism, click here.

Here’s the trailer for the film.

Sahertian’s film  provides personal accounts of ageism through interviews with a diverse group of individuals about their personal experiences with ageism.  The documentary also includes comments by attorneys, employment specialists, and other experts about the effects of age discrimination.  Sahertian traveled the US and Ireland, and filmed over 150 hours of footage, but the documentary is now finished and Sahertian is entering it in film festivals across the nation.

Discrimination against older people (Jeunism) is something that isn’t discussed nearly enough, especially in the college population.  But this form of discrimination affects our parents, our relatives, and will eventually someday affect us as well if we do not work to change the way people think about aging.  

And to make Sahertian’s project even cooler, she has painted gorgeous portraits of the individuals interviewed and is selling them on Etsy.com!  Check out her portraits and some information about the participants in the film here.

I want to thank Ms. Sahertian for commenting on the blog and for bringing her documentary to my attention.  I never thought I would actually write a post about one of the commenters, but ageism is an extremely pervasive form of discrimination that isn’t confronted nearly enough.  Ms. Sahertian’s documentary looks like a great way to learn about the very personal effects of age discrimination and to examine the ways that we think about age.



3 responses

4 04 2009

not that isnt an important topic, but when i read this paragraph:
“Ageism is something that isn’t discussed nearly enough, especially in the college population. But age discrimination effects our parents, our relatives, and will eventually someday effect us as well if we do not work to change the way people think about aging.”

i cant help but think that age discrimination is not just vs older folks.. we should acknowledge that the youth are systematically, legally, and emotionally discriminated against as they grow up, so to say that “age discrimination effects our parents..” seems to again gloss over the constant devaluing of young people today.

just to throw that out there too.

4 04 2009

Thanks, Paul. That’s a really good point. I will update that part of the post to specify that I am talking about discrimination against older people.

8 04 2009
Patricia Sahertian

Wow, all I can say here is thank you so much. I was shocked to see you covered my movie on your blog and I truly appreciate it.

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