Well, to tell you the truth, I’m shocked, too!

7 04 2009

Apparently, actress Anna Faris is shocked by her sex scene in the upcoming movie Observe and Report, where she stars opposite Seth Rogen.  Why?

[B]ecause she had to be unconscious, naked and covered in vomit.

Rogen’s mall cop uses tequila to lure Faris’ character into bed in the new comedy.

So, Seth Rogen plies Anna Faris with alcohol to the point where she’s unconscious and covered in puke … so he can have sex with her.

This sex scene is rape. I’m not just a feminist overreacting; sex with someone who is unable to consent is rape.  One major way that people are rendered unable to consent?  Through the use of drugs or alcohol.  Since Faris’ character is unconscious, she is unable to consent to any sexual act, and therefore any sexual contact is sexual assault, and any penetration is rape.  The fact that Rogen’s character uses alcohol to “lure” her makes it clear that his actions are premeditated.  He’s certainly not the kind of cop I’d like to have around.

The law here is not vague; director Jody Hill filmed a rape scene, not a sex scene.

Admittedly, we will have to wait until the film is released to determine whether or not the scene is rape.  However, from the description of the sex, the designation of the scene as a “sex” scene, and the information that the scene made the final cut, I have very little doubt that we have a rape scene on our hands.

Faris was originally shocked at the scene, and she only agreed to film it because she expected it to be kept out of the finished film.  It is in the final cut, but:

now Faris has seen the footage, she’s had a change of heart: “I’m grateful, I’m grateful. I’m grateful that the movie is unapologetic.”

Treating rape as comedy is unapologetic?

I suppose it’s not true to say that I’m shocked.  I’m really not shocked that sexual assault is misunderstood to be sex, and that it’s slipped into comedies as a way to make movies funnier.  I am, though, disgusted and saddened.



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8 04 2009

Right on. And here’s a pertinent quote from http://tigerbeatdown.blogspot.com/2009/04/um.html:

“The incredible frequency of rape and sexual assault in our society means that many, many victims of rape will see [the movie], and the PTSD that often accompanies rape will mean that, for a joke, for some dipshit filmmaker’s attempt at being edgy, they are going to experience all of the pain and psychological trauma associated with that experience, they are going to feel that rape all over again, there, in their seats, in the theater, and they are going to pay for the experience, and if they try to talk about what that filmmaker did to them it’s probably going to get sidetracked into some conversation about the Sanctity of Art which is invariably given more consideration than their actual lives.”

8 04 2009

That’s also today’s Quote of the Day on Shakesville. I’m at least glad that word is spreading!

8 04 2009

That is horrible. They are making a joke out of something that is not at all funny, and making light of a very serious issue that many women face. Terrible.

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