What will make men buy these products? Aha! A naked lady!

7 04 2009

Details magazine has a slideshow called “Girls Not Included” which features the following  images:



details-3In these images, the woman is unsurprisingly hypersexualized, objectified and clearly positioned for the male gaze.  Her naked body is used as space to showcase men’s accessories.  These accessories (sunglasses, belts, bags, etc.) are for sale and using a woman’s bodies as the shelves to display implies that women are available for consumption as well.  The title of the slideshow, “Girls Not Included” points out (in case you didn’t know) that the products don’t come along with the girl (also she is not a girl, she’s a woman).  Although it’s not news that female bodies and female sexuality are up for grabs and publicly designated for consumption, it never fails to upset me.

The woman is also always in a position of inferiority which is also highly sexualized: first she is on her knees bending over backwards, then she is lying down, and then she is on her hands and knees looking down.  We never see her face because it’s not important – what matters more is her body: her sexy, thin, naked body which is exploited to market male accessories.  Even then, the only purpose of her body is to serve as a shelf to market products geared towards (upper class, heterosexual, white) men.  The constant hypersexualization and objectification of women in the media and in advertising contributes to and perpetuates rape culture because objectifying someone is dehumanizing and therefore invites violence.



One response

8 04 2009

Also, the fact that these are men’s shoes on her body even more blatantly suggests walking on or stepping on this woman.

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