Fox has gotta go

10 04 2009

Fox never fails to outrage. Their next genius idea:

Fox has ordered a “one-hour unscripted series that turns real-life company layoffs into a reality contest.” The show — titled “Someone’s Gotta Go” — will give company staffers access to internal information (budgets, HR files, and salaries) and the power to determine which of the company’s staffers is fired. The Hollywood Reporter notes, “It’s the anti-‘Apprentice’: Instead of contestants vying for a dream job, they’re fighting to keep the lousy one they already have.”

Only Fox would do this… Perfect timing for a show like this too, during a recession. Way to make people feel better about their lives in these rough economic times. Releasing private information about company staffers for commidification and public consumption? It is disgusting that they are commodifying and trying to profit off people’s real-life nightmares. It is unethical to use people’s unfortunate as entertainment and doing so belittles their experiences. Well, this is Fox’s way of wishing everyone a happy recession!



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