Sunday Stupidity

12 04 2009

It doesn’t end…the stupidity keeps coming, sadly enough.

“So, isn’t Sarah Palin a feminist because she’s a woman and she’s a powerful politician? If feminism is about ending all oppression then shouldn’t people stop oppressing her?”

For the last time, Sarah Palin is NOT a feminist! She may have claimed to be a feminist, but she isn’t. Woman does not equal feminist (I’ll never understand why though). There are many anti-feminists posing as feminists out there. Don’t let them fool you! And, how exactly is Sarah Palin oppressed? How exactly are people oppressing her?

And a straight white male said, in regard to a party at the Rainbow House last night:

“Hmm… I could have some fun with those lesbians or bis. They’re just confused. And they haven’t met me yet. Once they do, that’ll all change.”

Saying that queer people are “just confused” and “haven’t met me yet” reinforces compulsory heterosexuality. It assumes that everyone obviously is heterosexual and those who aren’t are just sadly misguided, but can be “corrected” if only they met the right person. It reflects misguided beliefs that pathologize homosexuality and/or bisexuality, essentially any “deviant” sexuality that is not heterosexual.

Furthermore, the eroticization of queer women by heterosexual men is unacceptable. It goes back to patriarchal policing of female sexuality – that women have to do femininity right, which includes being heterosexual. Anything other than that is dismissed as “impossible” (gee, there are women who aren’t into men? Shocker!) or wrong.

“Those people…you know…who have boy and girl parts…hermaphrodites…do they actually exist?”

This one’s just sad. And I think that there are a lot (no, a TON) of college students who really have no idea about intersexuality and the many different forms it can take. A lot of people seem to think that intersexuality is a myth, and even use it as an insult or a joke.  I just wish that these people would at least Wikipedia it and try to educate themselves so I don’t have to hear questions like this one.

“Men are naturally going to try to dominate women. All you have to do is learn to stand up for yourself and then nobody can abuse you.”

This came from the same woman who then asked me to blog for us because she “hates men” and “feminists hate men…right?” The statement is pretty rude to women, men, and victims of violence. Saying that men naturally try to dominate women implies that they have no control over their actions, and that all men are somehow naturally abusive. It ignores the fact that many men as well as women are abused, and women and men can both be the abuser. The statement also ignores the systematic socialization of violence in our society. Violence is not really a “natural” trait, but is something that is condoned and perpetuated by the media, culture, and other societal influences. And, unfortunately, standing up for ourselves does not prevent abuse. People who abuse others are often extremely manipulative and violent, and standing up for oneself really does little good in defense against an abuser. And, of course, feminists do not hate men! Needless to say, I did not let her blog for us.



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12 04 2009

That last quotation is even more problematic because it implies that women (and men and children) who ARE abused are at fault for not standing up for themselves properly. It puts the responsibility for violence on the shoulders of victims.

Needless to say, the rest of the quotations HURT just as much. Sarah Palin, a feminist? HOW? She opposes reproductive freedom and universal healthcare, and she is in favor of trickle-down economics and traditional ideas about sex and gender. NOT feminist.

13 04 2009
Just another reason that Sarah Palin is NOT a feminist « The Gender Blender Blog

[…] reason that Sarah Palin is NOT a feminist 13 04 2009 Let’s hark back to the lovely Sunday Stupidity post this week and the ridiculous idea that some people have about Sarah Palin being a feminist. […]

17 04 2009

“Woman does not equal feminist (I’ll never understand why though).”

Allow me to elucidate.

Belief that women are inferior to men.
Belief that God made women to SERVE men.
Belief that the fact that a woman is naturally physically weaker, means she is lesser. (Trust me- women find it a LOT harder to get physically strong than men.)
Belief that men are there to protect women, and that women should therefore be guided by men.
Blind belief in their religion.

Much of this is subconscious, beyond the blind belief in their religion. I ask you to ask yourself- why isn’t Sarah Palin a femanist?
Well, thankfully I’m no Palin expert, but from what I can tell, it comes down to her belief in the Bible- which, yes, loves it’s female oppression. According to the Bible, women aren’t even supposed to be allowed to SPEAK in church; and if a woman is raped in a settlement, and doesn’t scream out for help, both her and the rapist are to be killed.
This book condones killing a RAPE VICTIM, for not wanting to be found in that highly humiliating and terrifying position. Never mind if she’s too afraid to cry out, or if he covers her mouth- death for her!
And some women believe this book tells us the way to live. Not all women, needless to say; but far too many, especially in America.

Women’s rights are only worth anything because there’s people who believe in them. I think that goes without saying. There are people- men and women, oppressed and not- who believe in them.
But the fight will NEVER be entirely, 100% won until nobody believes otherwise. And that belief is what causes people- women– to be anti-femanism.

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