#Amazonfail. Who did it and what does it mean?

13 04 2009

I’m sure most of you have heard about #Amazonfail. You can click for views from Twitterers here, Livejournal, Feministing, and Sexerati all have addressed this. You could just do a quick Google search and find a crap ton of information. In short, Amazon has removed all LGBT-friendly books from the general searches and sales rankings because it’s “Adult” material. What makes it ludicrous is that there are actually books with EXPLICIT heterosexual scenes left untouched, while innocent nonsexual books with homosexual main characters affected. So what do we have left? THIS bullshit book: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality. I spent maybe an hour reading about this whole anti-LGBT movement, which encourages the “prevention” and “cure” of homosexuality. They’re pretty bad and based on fear and stereotypes, but that’s another blogpost.

ANYWAY I may or may not still have a livejournal (cough) and I came across this post here. Seems like a troll is taking responsibility for the whole Amazon thing. I’ve also heard that other people are trying to get credit. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS. Keep on sending your e-mails to Amazon about how upset you are and will not buy from them until they fix this. Here is just one post on LJ debunking the troll here.

Apparently this Amazon problem has been around for months, but just recently caught spread like wildfire. Amazon has been very noticeably quiet. All that I’ve seen is a few “inside sources” talking to popular bloggers. A few sources are saying that it is NOT a glitch but that someone or someones have been doing this. Feministing’s source says this, but it seems like everything is up in the air because there is no official statement.

It seems that this was a conscious effort by SOMEBODY. Sexerati says a coder internally labeled all of these as “adult.” It is quite sad that Amazon has failed to recitfy this deranking problem, but I’m pretty sure it will be reversed soon enough because now it is getting such mainstream attention. It seems that once again we are reminded that we are living in a world that still has a long way to go to achieve equality for all genders and orientations. It’s deplorable that it’s gotten this far, but it’s great to see that now with technology we CAN make a difference. The word spread quickly and I hope it is creating enough pressure on Amazon. I am amazed that someone is so bigoted that they would take the effort to derank ALL of those books and leave things like Playboy on the site. The gay rights movement is very necessary and while gay is not the new black, it is definitely a battle that needs to be fought. Having allies is more important than ever because companies like Amazon only care about money. We have to show them that this is unacceptable.



2 responses

15 04 2009
Ben H

It is too early to conclude that weev (the troll) was not responsible. The method he describes would certainly have worked, had he used it.

15 04 2009

That’s been debunked by multiple people, so I highly doubt it.

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