Why does it take a “surprise” for these people to eat their words?

14 04 2009

Okay, I officially love this woman (I’m also a huge theater geek).  But I am appalled at how rude and hateful people were to her before she started singing.  The amount of disrespect displayed by the audience members and judges simply because of this woman’s age and physical appearance is pretty much disgusting.  It shouldn’t take a “surprise” for these people to have to eat their words.  I applaud Susan not only for her incredible voice, but for her bravery and composure in the face of blatant prejudice.   And Simon, you are officially full of shit claiming that you knew that she was going to be talented before she sang.  And for goodness sakes, Simon, never call a woman a “tiger.”  Susan Boyle, you rock.  Britain’s Got Talent judges and audience, you suck.

P.S.  I’m not sure why the embedding isn’t working for this video, but here’s the link if it doesn’t work.