If you want the hot body and the hot chicas, don’t smoke

15 04 2009

I saw this anti-smoking ad on Sociological Images:


It says:

Smokefree Instinct #33. Hot Body. Your instict was right. You took off his shirt–his body, those abs, DAMN! You could trace that definition with your lips for hours. Nothing is grosser than a shirtless dude with belly fat caused from smoking. But no worries, you trusted your instincts.

Yes, because having no belly fat and having firm abs and a hot body is the only reason to not smoke, or to quit smoking.  What about the fact that smoking harms every organ in the body?  Or that smoking causes lung cancer?   Sex certainly sells, but is it really necessarily to use sex and “being hot” to fuel an anti-smoking campaign?

Not only is this ad highly heteronormative but it also objectifies both men and women.  The woman’s cleavage is right up in your face and the blurb about his hot body highlights that it’s the hot body and the firm abs that count.  It seems that this ad is geared more towards men, with the message being something like: Don’t smoke otherwise you won’t have a hot body!   And if you don’t have the hot bod then you won’t get with the ladies!



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