Same sex marriage bill to be introduced in New York

15 04 2009

Tomorrow at 10 AM, Governor David Paterson of New York is going to introduce legislation to legalize same sex marriages in New York State.  While this introduction will be just the start, and cannot guarantee that the Legislature will enact this soon, it is certainly a step in the right direction.  From the New York Times:

While Mr. Paterson has said he would like to see lawmakers “fight it out” and debate the bill on the floor of both houses even if it fails, Albany tradition dictates that the bill is likely to come to a vote only when it has enough support to pass. Senator Thomas K. Duane, a Democrat and the bill’s chief supporter in the Senate, has said he opposes the governor’s notion of fast-tracking it. And the Senate majority leader, Malcolm A. Smith, has said he would bring the bill to the floor when it has enough support.

Even though this may be an attenuated and uphill battle, it is great that Governor Paterson is recognizing the need to expand the scope of civil rights to include same-sex couples as well.  He is recognizing that same-sex couples deserve and should be entitled to equal treatment under the law as well.   Let’s stay tuned with our fingers crossed and see what becomes of this.



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