The lines are made pink and wider just for women

17 04 2009

In the city Iksan in South Korea, there are designated women only parking spaces:


Iksan is the “first woman-friendly city” according to the South Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.  The pink lines are 2.5 meters wide instead of 2.3 meters, which is the standard width of parking lines.  They are purposely made wider to make things easier for women drivers.

Oh gosh, what are we going to do with these women folk who can’t drive or park for the life of them?  How thoughtful of them to be so considerate of women drivers who obviously suck at parking!  Perfect how the lines are painted pink, because all women love the color pink.  And of course the parking lines have to be painted wider because women are so unskilled at parking.

I love how a city who has special parking spots for women declares itself the “first woman-friendly city” when it is obviously sexist in putting women inferior to and not as capable as are men when it comes to parking skills.



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18 04 2009

…i have no words

18 04 2009
Lorraine E.

This made me laugh.

I wonder why the “bad women drivers” stereotype persists. Female drivers are statistically less likely than male drivers to cause accidents, as is shown by the fact that women pay less than men for car insurance, yet many men seem to honestly believe that, because they’re male, they must be better drivers than all women.

My boyfriend explains it this way: the reason I have a clean driving record and he doesn’t is because I’m “too cautious”, so I drive too slowly (only 64 in a 55) and therefore don’t cause accidents or get pulled over. He’s actually the better driver, since he’s “more confident.” To me, this sounds like arguing that you’re actually a better student than the valedictorian because she’s just “too cautious,” so she studies too much.

Maybe it’s just because cars are big fancy machines, and men are always better at using big fancy machines than women are. (Note that women are also proverbially bad with computers…)

21 04 2009

…Actually, statistically speaking, your boyfriend hit the nail on the head- although not with women being worse drivers.
On average, women are far more likely to have a small accident that might not even warrent calling the insurance company. Whereas, men are more likely to, ah… write their cars off.
Why? Well, that’s arguable. I’ve heard it put down to testosterone, although I think that in most cases, that’s bull. (Although there are those testosterone-overloading men who just HAVE TO BE MANLY.)

Personally I think it largely comes down to the way women are taught they should be- careful and cautious. Whereas men as taught to be fearless- which leads to recklessness.
I’m not sure which is worse- that women are taught to be careful and cautious about everything (because although the extent is often wayyy to far, it’s not a bad basis) or that men are taught to be fearless- which can also be good- but are never taught to temper it with sense and consideration.
And so, since women are taught to be TOO cautious, and men are taught to be TOO fearless, women end up having smaller crashes, and men have bigger ones. It applies to many areas of life- women tend to be slower to speak up in new environments, to largely preface their ideas or work with “it’s not very good” or “I’m new at this”, etc. Whereas men tend to be far more confident.
Is it women? No, it’s the way society teaches us to be. Which speaks a lot about genders in society.

As for the parking, women supposedly have poorer spacial (did I spell that right?) awareness. I don’t know if that’s right or wrong, women and men certaintly think differently, but driving doesn’t come naturally to EITHER gender. Even if many women DO have poorer spacial awareness, they’re already learning how to controll a huge hurtling machine of metal and death. I think they can handle learning to park said machine of death.

To be honest, though, these parking spaces would be a great idea for family vehicles. Kids tend to be less careful about opening the doors, getting babies out when you can’t open the door very wide can be… interesting, and of course there’s potentially buggies and pushchairs, etc.
So, good idea, wrong group of people. Put them near entrances and make them for families. THEN it’d work.

7 05 2009

I can’t believe that’s real and not a joke…

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