Tuesday Reading!

21 04 2009

I’ve stumbled upon many interesting articles that I don’t have time to blog about right now, but here are some that are worth reading and checking out!

More on the Evils of Capitalism, which is really just the Cult of I.

If you’re not really sorry then don’t say so.

A recap of yesterday’s Andrade Trial.

Jaheem Herrera, an 11-year old schoolboy, committed suicide after being the target of homophobic bullying.

In British courts now, prosecutors are supposed to “‘robustly'” challenge rape myths.  Finally an acknowledgment that rape myths are deeply entrenched in our society.

Oh yay.  More proof that we live in a victim-blaming society.

“No disrespect intended” says Miss California?  I beg to differ.

“Trans panic” is somehow supposed to justify Angie Zapata’s murder?

Dominant American ideology and the individualism its so tied up in does not help society.

Happy reading!



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