I am not amused.

28 04 2009

As I was browsing youtube for the anti-gay marriage ads, I came across a joke commercial (it was on a Belgian show called M!lf) about the fictional Shii – The Wii for women. It’s supposed to be an entirely new system made for just for women full of the things that women would enjoy!

It is full of stereotypes – in the beginning two guys are playing “manly” Wii games full of cars and guns and fishing and swordfights. Two women are sitting on the other couch extremely bored, watching their friends? partners? enjoy the console.

But the women get relief! The guys give them a gift (wrapped in pink and purple, no less) and it’s the Shii! What AWESOME games do they have for the women? Steaming Iron II! Kitchen Queens! Shave Invaders! And most popular one? Suckend Life.

I couldn’t find this commercial funny at all and the end where there’s a game where the women have to give head to a fictional guy? Extremely hetereonormative…not every women gives head to men (and I’m sure a lot do not enjoy doing it). This ‘joke’ plays into the old stereotypes that guys LOVE to shoot things and violence (if they’re real men) and to REALLY get women into video games you have to stick to what they know – domestic duties and sexually pleasing men!

I think the faux ad could have been done more cleverly. Looking at the women sucking Wii remotes as their partners/friends cheer them on just contributes more to the degrading nature of this ad. All the other Shii games are shown for a few seconds, but they spend a lot longer showing the women sucking and racing to the finish. In the end, the only message I get is one that makes fun of women, who are inable to be entertained by the same thing as men.



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