Obama’s been in office for 100 days now!

29 04 2009

Obama’s been in office for 100 days now and different critics have been weighing in on how he’s been doing.  Here are some highlights of his first 100 days:

– On January 23rd, Obama overturned the global gag rule, “which prevented US foreign aid recipients from counseling women about the availability of safe abortion services and from advocating for the liberalization of abortion laws.”

– On January 29th, Obama signed The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which was also the first bill he signed into law.  The Act restores a woman’s ability to bring pay discrimination complaints up to 180 days after each discriminatory paycheck and to sue for pay discrimination.

– On February 4th, Obama  expanded government health insurance to provide critical support to low-income children and families and extending coverage to 11 million children.

– On March 6th, Obama appointed Melanne Verveer to fill the newly created position of the ambassador at large for global women’s issues.

– On March 11th, Obama established the White House Council on Women and Girls.

– On March 19th, Obama pledged to sign the UN Declaration to decriminalize homosexuality.

For more, check out the Huffington Post’s LGBT Report Card for Obama’s first 100 days, and RHReality Check’s evaluation.



One response

30 04 2009
Lady Vanessa

What a wonderful difference it makes to have an intelligent, fully grown up person as president, after eight years of Little King Georgie the Feebleminded. I would have rather that Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party won the election, but at least Obama is a big improvement over GWB, and over what the GOP was offering in McCain and Palin.

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