“The taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican”

1 05 2009

Burger King has done it again.  After the Mexican government complained about an ad campaign that ran in Europe for Burger King’s new “Texican” Whoppers, Burger King has decided to remove ads which have been considered racist, stereotypical, and offensive.


The ad campaign depicts a taller American cowboy with a short Mexican wrestler roommate dressed in a cape that resembles the Mexican flag.  The Mexican government has strict rules about the use of the Mexican flag, but Burger King may not be subject to these rules because the ad did not run in Mexico.  However, the use of the Mexican flag in this manner has caused an uproar, and many people have considered the image of the smaller stereotypical Mexican man to be offensive and stereotyped. “We have to tell these people that in Mexico we have a great deal of respect for our flag,” stated Mexican ambassador to Spain, Jorge Zermeno, in response to the ad.

The Mexican newspaper La Jornada ran a front-page story under the headline “Denigrating advertising,” and claimed that the ads “show Mexicans as notably inferior to all Americans.”

Burger King has claimed that the ads were “not intended to offend anyone,” and that it was their intention “to promote a product whose culinary origin lies in both the American and Mexican cultures, and was meant to appeal to those who enjoy the flavors and ingredients that each country offers.”

No matter how Burger King frames it, the ads are stereotypical and offensive.  Jorge Zermeno told Radio Formula that the ads “improperly use the stereotyped image of a Mexican.”

Burger King has agreed to remove the ads and redo the ad campaign.



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