You can’t be serious.

1 05 2009

While trying to wind down for the evening and getting my fill of celebrity gossip on ONTD, I come across a horrific image:

under the photo there is a small “disclaimer”: This CD is not in any way racist or intended to imply racial beliefs or affiliation to any racist organization including the Ku Klux Klan. All imagery is fictional and presented for the sole purpose of humor and entertainment. Please do not take this imagery seriously and we apologize if anyone takes offense or is indeed offended by the imagery portrayed henceforth.


I pray that this wouldn’t need a lot of explanation why this is not appropriate. First of all to say that those very heavy and history-laden images are for “humor and entertainment“is fucking bullshit. There is nothing humorous or entertaining about that image. I don’t think that seeing someone being hung from a dead tree (how is that supporting his weight, btw?) with BURNING CROSSES and the KU KLUX KLAN in the background is fucking ENTERTAINING. I would hope that most people would feel the same way.

Also, they obviously know how fucking offensive this shit is, or else they wouldn’t have “apologized” up front. I mean, this is full of SERIOUS IMAGERY and we’re not supposed to take it seriously? Oh OK.  Just because it’s on the cover of a CD mixtape it doesn’t make the images any less shocking or change the histories of what’s included. This is like when someone is about to say something racist and they start with “I’m not racist, but…” or “I don’t mean to seem racist, but” IF YOU HAVE TO START OFF APOLOGIZING, DON’T FUCKING SAY (or in this case DO) IT!

This “artwork” just tries to trivialize what burning crosses, lynchings, the KKK mean and how they play into the deep-running racism that exists in this country. This isnt ~edgy~ or cool. I don’t even know what the cover entirely means…burning flag? KKK? a Rottweiler? My best guess is that it is supposed to display the difficulties white rappers have in a predominantly black music genre in comparison to what blacks had (have) to endure. Well, that is a pretty fucking bad comparison. While there may be disadvantages to being white in the hip-hop world, once they become mainstream, they automatically get a step ahead because they are white and it’s seen as a positive and interesting minority.

Regardless of the hardships that white rappers may have while trying to make it in the hip-hop world, I know that they are in no way comparable to what blacks have experienced. I just can’t imagine being heckled at a freestyle competition is similar to constantly living in fear of finding a burning cross on your lawn and a dead relative, or being dead yourself because you said the wrong thing to the wrong white person. People need to stop comparing “struggles” to that of the blacks. They’re all different. We don’t need an Oppression Olympics. Any by trying to compare the two in this case, not only do they look stupid, but it also is undermining what others have gone through and still go through today.

I want to say that Eminem is not tied to this in anyway. They (Stackhouse Recordings) used his image and name to make a mixtape that blends his music with other recordings/songs/artists. Normally I like to download and try out mixtapes, but with this as the cover I refuse to endorse this by giving them a download.



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