At one Kentucky high school, gay students are not allowed to pee?

3 05 2009

From Pandagon:

Fifteen high school students protested outside Franklin County High School in Kentucky on Friday.  The protest was in response to an alleged email sent to teachers by the high school assistant principal that instructed them not to allow homosexuals to leave the classroom to use the restroom.  The email was allegedly sent in response to two lesbian students caught kissing in one of the school bathrooms.

The Kentucky Equality Federation is concerned that the Superintendent will not address the student protesters’ concerns properly.  There have been similar reports of discrimination against LGBT students in Casey, Pulaski, and Powell counties as well.  Kentucky Equality Federation Managing Director Laura Reed stated:

I’d like to know what level this mentality, that gay and lesbian students should not be treated equally is coming from. An incident in one county could be called an isolated incident, but we now have similar reports in three other Kentucky Counties.

While the incident has not been proven, the alleged banning of LGBT students from restrooms is really shameful.  But besides being homophobic, unhealthy, and downright cruel (are people supposed to just go in their pants?), the assistant principal has absolutely no right to keep anyone from doing anything that the rest of the student body is entitled to do.  And I could venture a guess that if a straight couple was found kissing somewhere, the entire straight student population would not be banned from entering that space.  The email would also assume that the teachers can tell who is homosexual in their classes, and enforces discrimination based on physical appearances and stereotypes of gay behavior.

As Pandagon points out, the word for the month of April at Franklin County High School is “tolerance.”  Perhaps the school officials who were allegedly involved need to pick up a dictionary?



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