Sunday Blogaround

3 05 2009

Here are some interesting things to read this week.  Enjoy!

On Thin Privilege: A Harder Kind of Privilege to Discern

Blogging Against Disabilism: “I wasn’t going to do this…”

Sexism still exists

Oh no, what about the white men?

Geez, did he really think he had a case? (This is why you don’t sue Columbia University or any other university for offering Women’s Studies courses because it discriminates against men.)

On cis gender privilege: Bigotry masking behind feminism in Vancouver

“Rights Versus Rites”: Culture can’t be used as a scapegoat, but it can’t be used to justify human rights violations either

“Will Public Media Survive Where Mainstream Media Failed?”



2 responses

3 05 2009

Another great link: A feminist (tho im not sure if that was intentional) critique of the new Zac Efron movie ’17 Again’

3 05 2009
See past your cisgender privilege! « The Gender Blender Blog

[…] past your cisgender privilege! 3 05 2009 I linked to this story earlier today, but I think it needs to be addressed more thoroughly.  The Vancouver […]

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