Ah, Comcast, you know just how families work

9 05 2009

This commercial for Comcast Digital Voice has been on the air in the weeks before Mother’s Day, and it’s been driving me fucking crazy.  Below, you can view the commercial (first half of the video; the second half is a just-as-annoying song commercial):

For those of you who don’t click the video, the ad shows various women picking up the phone, saying a male name in a hopeful, “Is it really you?!” voice, and then fainting.  What on earth is going on?  I’ll tell ya what’s going on.  If you get Digital Voice in time for Mother’s Day, you’ll be able to CALL YOUR MOTHER, which apparently you do so infrequently that if you do so, she’ll react in the same way as if she got a call saying that she’d won the lottery/something else that’s good and ridiculously shocking.

Because nothing says, “I appreciate that you’re my mom,” like never, ever, ever calling to the point where she might think you are dead/don’t love her.  And, of course, you’re only calling because Digital Voice is so cheap.

There are two reasons why I find this commercial sexist and obnoxious, and one way that I actually think Comcast did something kind of good (I say “kind of” because one good thing doesn’t cancel out the rest).  First of all, we live in a society where the care of children is relegated to the mother; she is held responsible for how her children turn out, and anything that really happens.  And yet after working so hard to raise their children, these Comcast mothers barely even hear from their kids.  They get such little affection that when their kids finally call on Mother’s Day, they pass out.  This commercial is meant to be humorous; what does that say about our culture?  One where we consider it normal and funny when people distance themselves so greatly from their mothers that this commercial can exist.

I keep saying “children” and “people.”  What I real mean would be “sons” and “men.”  After all, when the mother’s pick up, are they saying female (or even unisex) names?  No; they’re saying the names of their sons.  It’s the sons that cut off communication with their mothers; it’s the sons that fulfill Freud’s ridiculously unfounded ideas about family relationships and gendering.  It’s the sons who don’t seem to appreciate the role of the mother.

Excuse me while I puke all over Comcast.

What does the commercial include that I found positive?  There’s a shit-ton of diversity, compared to most other commercials.  But this isn’t enough to make me forget the rest of the commercial.



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