Gmail Targeted Advertising MAJOR FAIL

10 05 2009

Whenever I check my Gmail inbox (which is quite frequently since I am a compulsive email checker), I just want to laugh at the ads that show up on my sidebar:

How to Keep a Man in Love – Learn the “Secret Psychology” for getting a man hooked for good.

This shows up so often, it’s ridiculous.  Gmail seems to be convinced that I’m dying to know what this “Secret Psychology” to get a man hooked for good is.  Without this “Secret Psychology” I’m doomed to a life of single spinsterdom and lots of cats.

PassionUp Greeting ECards – Free animated ecards, friendship, romantic and love letters.

Good to know that there’s a free resource for me to send my romantic love letters to my special someone.

Does He Really Love You? – Is your relationship sizzling or fizzling?  Numerology has the answer.

Uh-huh.  I will be sure to use this to make sure that he really does love me.

Breaking Up Guide – Letting go with grace.  Feel good about your choices.

So this is in the event that I do get my hands on this “Secret Psychology” but then realize that I actually don’t want this man hooked for good.

Voodoo by Papa Jorge – Specializing in love problems.  Reuniting lovers.

This is in case I want to get back together with “Mr. Right”.  Or to get back at him.

Love Spells – Skyla Price Love Spell Worker.  Want your lover back, call today!

A love spell!  Aha!  Exactly what I was looking for!

Women’s Abs Routine – Learn how to get killer abs.

Killer abs will help me get a man for sure.

I Lost My Love Handles – How I Lost 25 pounds in 25 weeks following two simple rules.

Oh, please.  Gmail seems to think that I am preoccupied with getting killer abs and losing my love handles.

Defeat Mean Girls – Understand and overcome women bullies in this free, helpful article.

All I have to say: LOL.

Tufts – Can you get in? – Get your percentage chance of admission.  Accuracy guaranteed.

Um, I actually did get into Tufts since I go there now.

Lumbar Fusion Procedures – Get gentle alternatives to a spine fusion.  Just 5 days to a new you!

Lower back surgery?  What?!  Something that never even crossed my mind.

Gmail, you really don’t know me well at all.



One response

11 05 2009
Lady vanessa

and of course, so much of this crap assumes heterosexuality…that ALL women want to be with a man! Duh…some women want to be with another woman, not a man!!!!!!

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