Goodness Gracious

11 05 2009

Feminist2 and I saw these in Urban Outfitters a while back, and they are so ridiculous and gender-role perpetuating that I decided to share them with all of you.



Wow.  Just wow.  Way to perpetuate negative gender stereotypes of lazy, shallow, incompetent, sex-obsessed men and nagging, emotional, shopping-obsessed women.  The mute button on both and the breast enlarger/shrinker on the “Control A Woman” one are especially disturbing.  Plus, heteronormativity much?  Yes, I get that it’s a joke.  But it isn’t a funny joke at all.  This is a major FAIL on the part of the manufacturers of these dumb items and also Urban Outfitters and anyone else who sells them.  Ridiculous.



2 responses

11 05 2009

The red PMS Off button on the Control a Woman remote also perpetuate negative stereotypes about menstruation as dirty and problematic instead of a natural part of womanhood. It also contributes to stereotypes that women who are PMS-ing are full of raging hormones and need to be controlled or subdued.

11 05 2009
Lady Vanessa

yes, this is very sexist, offensive and ridiculous, in just about every possible way. hopefully most of them will end up getting recycled into something useful, after spending enough time gathering dust in bargain bins.

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