Racism and sexism in Runescape?

11 05 2009

I am not much of a video or online gamer but I saw this post up on Sociological Images that presents designs for new characters for the online game Runescape.  These new characters are all supposed to be musicians.

reproducing gender and race stereotypes

It’s interesting to note that the two people of color on the right side are barefoot and their attire seem to suggest tribalism or some sort of primitivism.  This plays into racist stereotypes of people of color being exotic others who are not as advanced or cosmopolitan as westerners are.

Furthermore, to look at gender stereotypes, the women appear sexy and seductive.  This is implied in their stance, smiles as well as their arm gestures (with one hand on their hip and the other held out).  Meanwhile the men appear to be more aggressive with wider stances and their hands in fists.

It’s interesting to read the thread on the Runescape forum as well as the comments on the Sociological Images post.  What are people’s thoughts and reactions?



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