Too masculine for diet cola? Here’s Pepsi Max!

12 05 2009

Oh dear god.  Via I Blame the Patriarchy:

pepsi max

These are advertisements for Pepsi Max.  The slogans say:

“The first diet cola for men.”

“0 calories. Great taste. Welded together.”

“No gut. All glory.”

“Save the calories for bacon.”

So the take aways from this cluster of Pepsi Max ads are:

1. Men are too manly to drink diet soda, unless it’s Pepsi Max.

2. Manly men eat lots of bacon. (Gross…but that could just be me…I’m a vegetarian.)

3. Being health-conscious and worrying about one’s weight or appearance is a strictly feminine thing, which is why Pepsi Max exists – so that men can actually care about their health and appearance without being embarrassed and seeming too girly.

Twisty also makes a good point:

What’s the big whoop? Well, you can’t have a “soda for men” unless “men” are considered a class unto themselves, defined in terms of the bacon-eating, welding, glorious nukular submarine-squashing aspirations that separate them from dainty vulnerable “women.” These ads are jokey, depicting average-looking dudes, but they tacitly allude to the noxious he-man/fragile damsel dichotomy that’s been chapping actual women’s hides lo these many millennia.

True that.



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