Della: Laptops for Women!

13 05 2009

Good news!  Dell has unveiled a new website:  “Della.”  Because women need laptops that are cute!  

Dell Della HP laptops at pool

Dell Della HP-Mini 10 banner

And the website is equipped with all kinds of helpful tips specifically geared toward women.  For example, “Once you get beyond how cute they are, you’ll find that netbooks can do a lot more than check your email.”  O rly?  Let’s see what “Tech Tips” Della has for us.

1. Get smarter: It’s easy to turn your netbook into a completely portable eBook reader. You can download the free Adobe Digital Editions software to manage your eBooks or access more than 28,000 free books at Project Gutenburg
2. Get healthier: Track your exercise and food intake at free online sites like Fitday. Use your mini to track calories, carbs and protein with ease, watch online fitness videos, map your running routes and more. 
3. Eat better: Find recipes online, store and organize them, and watch cooking videos. 
4. Get organized: Remember the Milk is a free, tweakable online task manager that’s easy to use: you track your time, make lists and send yourself remembers with Google Calendar and Google Tasks. Lifehacker is a great place to find out about the latest online productivity tools to make your life simpler, easier and better.
5. Chill out: Stressed? Your mini can be your meditation buddy as you take mini-breaks throughout your day (schedule them, with reminders, on your calendar). You can find free guided meditations, download meditation podcasts, watch yoga videos, create soothing slideshows of images and music and even bliss out toVisible Earth images courtesy of NASA.
6. Travel smarter: Your lightweight, packable netbook can transform your traveling experience, whether you’re commuting across town or backpacking the globe. Use your netbook to vlog and blog about your journey; translate your blogs into other languages; help you convert currency; track the weather; collect, edit and upload photos; entertain you in airports, trains and buses. 
7. Stay in the clouds: “Cloud computing” is a buzzword for what your mini does best: save money and time by using free online apps for everything you need-meaning you don’t need to buy, install or update a bunch of space- and memory-hogging applications on your computer itself. No matter what operating system you have, it’s easy to find free and low-cost streaming media and online apps. Use Google Docs to create and share spreadsheets, presentations, reports, forms and more; edit, store and share your photos online as well. Any time you need to transfer data to or from your mini, you can stream it, port it via removable SD cards or USB flash drives or plug in an external drive.

So my computer can help me read books, meditate, cook, and lose weight too!?  Oh, the things that women-targeted advertising teaches us are just immeasurably helpful!  The website is complete with photos of women at the spa, sipping lattes, and chatting with friends.

But this is not the first or only company to target laptops at women.  From the infamous laptop-purse to the teeny tiny adorable laptop, companies seem to be anticipating the big bucks through oh-so-fashionable woman-geared laptops.  We’ve even got overpriced laptop bags being sold to hold those cute little laptops.  


baby owl pink laptop skin


I guess plain old technology is just too manly.



One response

17 05 2009

Update: In response to the online backlash against Della, Dell has changed the website. They have rid the site of the dumb diet tips and references to shopping. The website is still pretty dumb in my opinion, but at least it’s better.

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