Who says that young feminists don’t do jack shit?

13 05 2009

A brief story on a fifth grade girl who asked her school therapist if she could help her make a powerpoint presentation for her class.  She feels that she and her peers are under a lot of pressure (by society and by the media) to be sexy and beautiful which takes away from their childhood.  She and her friends shouldn’t have to be worrying about being sexy now, they should be enjoying being young and carefree.  She said, “We’re 11.  We should not have to worry about putting make up on before we leave the house.”

Good to know that the media hasn’t got everyone duped, and that not only are young people are realizing that our patriarchal society creates highly unhealthy and unrealistic standards of beauty, but they are also taking action to expose these unrealistic expectations and to educate themselves and their peers.



One response

19 05 2009
Bad anti-feminist journalism pisses me off « The Gender Blender Blog

[…] is a pathetic way to detract attention away from the crucial work that feminists today have been and still are doing.  It’s way easier for the mainstream media, and the rest of society for that matter, to think of and focus on young feminists as bickering, bitchy, naked, sex-crazed, drunk women instead of as intelligent, socially conscious and actively engaged women.  Shaming young women who (gasp!) drink and have sex sells more than covering more important, substantial and real feminist activism (like this, this and this). […]

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