Protest in San Francisco May 18th for APA Reform of Gender Disorders

17 05 2009

via Bird of Paradox

For those of you who happen to be on the West coast:

There is a protest tomorrow, May 18th in San Francisco, California to demand that the American Psychological Association reform “Gender Identity Disorder” and related diagnoses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Fifth Edition.  From the site:

Protesters call for Reform of Gender Disorders at American Psychiatric Association Convention

What: San Francisco, California (May 15, 2009) A coalition of transgender community advocates and mental health providers will gather in San Francisco May 18 to protest how the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is handling revisions to “gender identity disorder” and related diagnoses in their fifth edition of the ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’ (DSM-V).

Where: At the corner of 4th Street  and Howard Street –Outside the Moscone Center

When: Protest starts at 6:00pm, Monday May 18th

Who: Community leaders scheduled to speak include Julia Serano, PhD; Madeline Deutsch, MD; Masen Davis, MSW; Kelley Winters, PhD; Danielle Askini, MSW; Mara Keisling; Andrea James, MA; Lore Dickey, PhD; Michele Angello, PhD; and Rebecca Allison, MD.

Great Visual Opportunities, as key leaders and advocates for Transgender civil rights will be present, protesters with signs, educational materials and a large crowd. is a coalition of gender-variant and transgender people, medical and therapeutic professionals, and allies who have grave concerns about the current diagnostic classification and lack of disclosure by the Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Work Group about plans for the DSM-V. The protest is at 6pm May 18th at the Moscone Center at Howard & 4th street, San Francisco, California.

For more info, visit

Also, see “Why feminists should be concerned with the impending revision of the DSM” on Feministing.

In related news, France will no longer classify transsexuality as a mental illness.



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