Anti-feminist Bingo!

18 05 2009

I just read an old entry on Hoyden About Town titled Anti-feminist-Bingo! A master-class in sexual entitlement:

If you find yourself getting frustrated in a feminist conversation with someone who seems to just Not Get It, have a peek through the card. Odds are your antagonist will have used 3, 4, 5 or more of these somewhere along the line.

If you’re a man trying not to be an arsehole in feminist conversations, but you seem to find yourself floundering and can’t figure out why, you might like to scrutinise your comments critically to see if some of these messages are inadvertently coming across.

These bingo cards are awesome.  Here’s Anti-feminist Bingo card 1:

anti-feminist bingo

Anti-feminist Bingo card 2:

anti-feminist 2 bingo

And with the help of Google, I found other cool Bingo cards too.  Here’s a Rape Apologist Bingo card:

rape apologist bingo

And here’s a Fat Hate Bingo card:

fat hate bingoAren’t these great?



3 responses

19 05 2009

How exactly is saying that an obese person should “eat less and exercise more” hatred? I’ve studied the endocrine system and human metabolism for years. Sure, everyone has a different metabolism, and some people are predisposed to obesity. That said, IT IS a matter of thermodynamics that if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight.

I’m going to preempt an argument I hear a lot. “Dieting” has gotten a bad rap largely due to the fact that so many diets are destructive. Nevertheless, unless you’re a full-time (Olympic, semi-pro, pro) athlete, there’s no reason a 30 y/o women should ever be consuming 3,500 calories a day. I don’t care what your metabolic profile is, how tall you are, or how “big boned” you are. Yet so many do. Is it hatred to suggest limiting caloric intake just because TV hucksters make money doing the same thing?

As a side note on metabolism, there’s only one proven, long-term way for non-starving humans to increase their metabolism: exercise. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool or a huckster.

19 05 2009

While eating healthier, less calories, and exercising generally does help one get in shape or lose weight, I think the point the card is trying to make is that when people tell fat people to “eat less and exercise more”, they are subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) implying that fat people are just “lazy slobs (therefore unwilling to exercise) with no discipline (therefore unwilling to eat less or healthier)”. People may be suggesting or hinting that fat people are fat because they just overeat all the time and don’t move when in fact, this may not be the case.

4 11 2009

If you make an honest effort, you can be healthier and lose weight. I broke the mold in my family, I used to be fat now I am healthy and training for a triathlon. I lost over 100 lbs, that isn’t to say people who are overweight aren’t people, but long term health and happiness can be achieved through diet and exercise. The confidence gains that large amounts of weight loss bring are IMMENSE!

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