Officials pull the plug on plans for a sex theme park in Chongqing

20 05 2009

Via The New York Times and The Guardian:


A statue of a pair of female legs in a g-string stood over the park entrance...

...but was dismantled over the weekend along with the rest of the park.

...but was dismantled over the weekend along with the rest of the park.

The first sex theme park in China, “Love Land,” was under construction in the city of Chongqing until the weekend, when local officials shut the operation down mid-construction.  Officials deemed the sexually explicit park an “evil” influence.

Plans for the park had included naked human sculptures, giant models of genitals, sex-technique “workshops,” and a photo exhibit about sex history.  Lessons on safe sex and use of condoms were also part of the plans for the park attractions.

The park manager, Lu Xiaoqing, told China Daily that the park was “for the good of the public,” would be useful for sex education, and would help adults “enjoy a harmonious sex life.”  “Sex is a taboo subject in China, but people really need to have more access to information about it,” he said.

Developers had billed the attraction as tasteful, but public outcry over the park prompted an emergency tour last weekend by officials. “The investigation determined the park’s content was vulgar and that it was neither healthy nor educational. It had had an evil influence on society and had to be torn down immediately,” a municipal publicity official explained to the Global Times newspaper.

Whereas some argue that the park would have been socially beneficial and that officials were being too prudish, others viewed the park as a lewd and unhealthy influence on the community.  Whether the park was ahead of it’s time or just too obscene, it’s a pity that so much money was poured into constructing the park only to have it destroyed by wrecking balls.



One response

20 05 2009

I definitely think that this sex park would have been both a positive and a negative influence in terms of gender equality. On the one hand, making sex a taboo subject prevents any sort of discussion about female desire, birth control, or ways to improve sex. When sex is taboo, people learn about sexuality from sources like porn, which, while quite excellent if you want to get off, majorly suck when it comes to educating the masses about sexuality and sex. From the description of the intent of the park, it does seem as if education was the main goal, through the removal of the taboo.

On the other hand, I’m not exactly loving the park’s entrance statue. From this ridiculously offensive symbol, it’s not easy to tell whether or not the park would have really been educational, or if it would simply serve to further objectify women. Maybe it would have done both (teach people about condoms, and then have a SEXY LADY OMG).

With the park construction shut down, it looks as if we’re probably not ever going to find out whether it would have been a beneficial step towards healthy sexuality, or if it would have simply furthered gender roles and stereotypes through the guise of lifting a taboo. Or maybe it would have done a little bit of both.

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