In Memory of Dr. George Tiller

1 06 2009

I am a bit late on blogging about this so by this point, most of you probably already heard about the sad and unfortunate assassination of Dr. George Tiller this past Sunday, May 31st. Dr. Tiller was an abortion provider in Wichita, Kansas, and was one of the only doctors in the country who performed late term abortions. He was shot and murdered in the foyer of his church on Sunday morning while he was distributing the weekly bulletin. He has endured and survived a lot of anti-choice violence in the past, including physical assaults, attacks on his clinic, and threats. Scott Roeder is the main suspect responsible for Dr. Tiller’s murder and is being held in a Wichita jail.

The National Organization for Women declared today as a Day of Mourning for Dr. Tiller. He is a true vagina warrior, one who has steadfastly committed himself and his life to women’s health care and providing such an essential and necessary service to many women in need. He will certainly be missed in the feminist community.

Here are some links where you can get more coverage on Dr. Tiller’s murder:

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The life of a brave man

That’s Quite the Glass House You’ve Got There

George Tiller: Casualty of the Culture Wars?

Why Clinic Violence is Obama’s Problem

Will Media Report Dr. George Tiller’s Murder as an Act of Terrorism?

Community Blog Roundup and a Cartoon: In Honor of Dr. Tiller



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